Stoney Creek Iris

Some frequently asked questions about Stoney Creek Iris:

Are the iris labelled accurately? I make every effort to insure accuracy. Nothing is sold that has not bloomed here, and every variety is checked against the American Iris Society registration, and pictures from other growers (if possible). If I’m not sure about an identification, I don’t sell until until I can clear up the question. If you think there’s an error, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Are they your own pictures? Yes, for better or worse, they are. Every picture on the website is one of our own iris. No pictures are retouched in anyway. If I feel that the picture is a less than perfect representation, I’ll note that on the page of information that is linked to each photo. Please be aware that the quality of light, time of day, and age of a blossom will affect the color of the photo, as will the monitor on which it is viewed. My goal is to have several pictures of each variety posted so that you can see them individually and also in the context of the garden.

How are the iris grown and prepared for shipping? We follow organic, sustainable practices at Stoney Creek Iris. I use alfalfa meal and cover crops in the iris beds to add nutrients, and corn gluten and plain old hard work to suppress (most) weeds. I use nematodes and extreme vigilance to control the dreaded iris borer. Rhizomes are inspected carefully, trimmed, labelled, dipped in a mild bleach solution, and dried thoroughly before shipping.

Are iris dug to order? Yes.

When are iris rhizomes shipped, and what is the shipping fee? I’ll start digging the first week of July and will fill orders in the order in which they were received. There are no shipping charges at Stoney Creek Iris!

Do you accept credit cards? Not yet. This is my second year selling through a website. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what kind of customer response I will get. It’s costly to me to accept credit cards – a cost which would get passed on to customers. And we aren’t comfortable yet with the security involved in accepting cards through the site. If customers want the convenience, I’ll try to make it possible next year.

So, how do I pay? Because we cannot offer the convenience of credit cards, I’ve come up with a payment policy that I believe is very fair to customers: when I receive your order, I’ll acknowledge it as soon as possible. You’ll be billed via email closer to the time that your iris will be dug, so you do not need to have a check tied up in the interim. Sold-out iris will be marked on the information page that accompanies each picture, but if for some reason I can’t meet your total order, I’ll let you know as soon as possible, and that amount will be deducted from your total.

What if I’m not happy with the order? If you are not happy, I will fix the problem. Guaranteed.

I can't add items to my cart, what's the deal? The deal is, you're probably using Safari. Safari worked just fine with the site until applying the OS X 10.4.5 system update. Something changed in that update, and the "add to cart" behavior broke. We're working on a fix, and should have one soon. If you're having trouble adding items to your cart, use the contact page to email us your order.